In April 2016, Temple University Rome students completed a fresco of the Nymphs of Paranzano, at Palazzo Forani, Casperia. The project involved research in local history, drawing and design, application in three buon fresco layers, and final painting. The nymphs of Paranzano are two Roman period statues, found in the nearby villa of Paranzano. The Palazzo Forani has its foundation in the original walled city of the 13th century. The Forani family was an ally of the Orsini, whose symbol is the bear. Besides working, we visited the 12th century castle of Rocchettine and the Cavallini frescoes at Vescovio from 1300. Guest chef Silvano prepared an exquisite menu of homemade, local produce. We also made bone black pigment from our chicken dinner, and used it in the fresco.