Venice Terms & Conditions

The Bottega
Venice: Watercolor Painting and the Cuisine of the Veneto Workshop


The following provisions are designed to protect the customer and The Bottega.
The services provided and the respective responsibilities and liabilities are outlined and governed by the terms herein. It is the customer’s responsibility to read and understand them.
Procedures for payment, cancellation and charges are specified herein. In many cases, fees for changes and cancellations reflect fees assessed by vendors providing elements of the package. Groups are responsible for providing these TERMS AND CONDITIONS to their members.

The Bottega recommends that reservations be made as early as possible to avoid disappointments.
All reservations are subject to space availability at the time of booking and do not include air transportation, departure taxes, fuel surcharges and security fees, or airport transportation.
A $515 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking, with the balance due no later than September 15th. Checks for payment should be made out to Candice Smith Corby Studios and mailed to 96R Billington St, Plymouth, MA 02360.

The price of the trip includes lodging accommodations for the selected number of nights, specific meals, daily art instruction, Murano/Torcello glass-blowing factory tour, and daily ground transportation. The customer is responsible for any and all other costs or expenses related to the package. All prices, unless otherwise stated, are per person, based on single occupancy. The Bottega reserves the right, at any time, to substitute comparable alternative lodging, to reasonably alter or substitute scheduled itineraries, or to do both.

Prior to receipt of deposit, package prices are subject to change without notice. Upon receipt of deposit within the specified time periods package pricing is guaranteed.
Any changes to bookings will be subject to the applicable package price at the time of change and any fees set forth below.

No refunds will be made for cancellations made after September 1st, 2017.

A valid passport is required for all U.S. citizens. No refunds will be made if improper documentation results in denied boarding or entry.

Please note that the lodgings and other services described in our brochure are in a foreign country, and do not necessarily have the appropriate special services or equipment to accommodate persons with disabilities or special dietary requirements. The Bottega must be informed of any special requirements at the time of initial booking. Any special service and/or equipment fees will be the full responsibility of the customer.

By participating in The Bottega workshop, the customer does hereby agree that neither the customer nor his/her heirs, personal or legal representatives, or family members will bring suit or make a claim for illness, injury or death resulting from the negligence (but not the reckless, willful or fraudulent conduct) of The Bottega, its employees, officers, directors, agents, contractors or affiliated organizations of the supplier of any element of the package (hereinafter referred to as the Suppliers) as a result of the customer’s participation in the package. Suppliers, including but not limited to those arranging for or providing air and ground transportation, sightseeing arrangements and lodging, are independent contractors, and are not employees of The Bottega. All travel documents are issued subject to suppliers’ terms and conditions. Neither The Bottega nor the suppliers for which The Bottega acts as agents shall be held liable, and customer waives any claim against The Bottega, its collaborators, and the suppliers for loss or damage to property, or injury to person caused by reason of any failure of performance, defect, negligence, or other wrongful act or omission (except for willful, wanton, or intentional acts of omissions).

The Bottega and selling agents act only in the capacity of agents for the customer on all matters pertaining to lodging, activities and transportation, whether by air, rail, bus, automobile or otherwise and as such, The Bottega and its agents shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned whether by reason of any supplier or otherwise in connection therewith. The passenger contract in use by the airline and/or other supplier hereunder shall constitute the sole contract between the respective company and the customer and/or purchaser and the package.

If a customer is removed from any package for any reason, a partial or full refund may be requested in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. If a package is cancelled and the customer is not at fault and has not cancelled in violation of these Terms and Conditions, all sums paid to The Bottega shall be promptly refunded to the customer. The Bottega will have no responsibility beyond the refund of all monies paid by the customer for the package. The Bottega does not guarantee any specific flight schedule and will not be responsible for lack of adequate connections, delays or changes of schedule. The Bottega reserves the right to remove any person at any time from any trip without refund or recourse to The Bottega for engaging in any activity, conduct or behavior deemed by the Bottega or its representatives to be disturbing or dangerous to the safety and well being of package participants.

The host’s responsibility is to ascertain that the features in the vacation package are carried out by the hotels and transfer companies. All hosts are multi-lingual, and will travel with the group, arranging for meals and ground transportation, as well as various sightseeing trips as agreed upon. Its hosts are not responsible for providing for or arranging transportation for late or lost travelers.

The customer understands and agrees that the contract for services is deemed to have been executed in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and that all of its terms and provisions shall be governed and construed solely by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The customer agrees, which agreement is of the essence of the contract that in further consideration of the providing of services by The Bottega, which will benefit the customer and others, any and all litigation which may be brought by either party to settle disputes arising out of or pertaining to this contract or any services rendered by The Bottega, must be brought in a court of law in Plymouth County, MA and that any judgment obtained by the customer in any court outside of Plymouth County shall not be enforceable against The Bottega, or in any other state.

We recommend that you consider purchasing travel insurance, which will protect you against loss of monies paid resulting from trip cancellation due to sickness or death of the passenger, a member of their immediate family, or that of a traveling companion. Customers may purchase said insurance online at We also highly recommend acquiring International Medical Insurance that makes provisions for emergencies.